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Machine Shop Excellence

Our Machine Shop Solutions are designed to improve quality and productivity in each and every step of a parts manufacturing cycle.
We have defined smarter manufacturing that involves all steps of manufacturing a part from the quote and planning all the way to the end feedback. Hexagons machine shop solutions ensure the highest quality in all steps of the workflow.

We do not want to go down in history as the CO2 generation, the generation that polluted this planet and destroyed it.

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Don’t just make, make good

It all starts with an idea. It turns into something game changing with passion. That’s not technology – it’s people. With an urgent need to shape the world for the better, we harness data and technology to give wings to human ingenuity. This means creating a vibrant inclusive manufacturing sector that values individuality and ideas.

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Utilize metrology Feedback to power your processes

In our modern world, everyone agrees, that data is the key to our future. But only relying on data as information gives us little comfort. Its when the data works for us in an autonomous way that we truly unleash the power of our data.

How SPC feedback can give you the advantage you need:

Early Detection of Process Variations: SPC feedback identifies process variations that may lead to non-conformance before they become significant issues. By monitoring critical dimensions and trends, SPC systems can trigger alerts and notifications when parts approach tolerance limits, enabling timely interventions to avoid production bottlenecks and minimize scrap.

Continuous Process Improvement: SPC feedback provides valuable data for process optimization and preventive maintenance. By analysing trends and patterns, manufacturers can identify opportunities to reduce variability, enhance machine performance, and optimize tool life. This data-driven approach empowers operators to make informed decisions for improving overall process efficiency and product quality.

Data-Driven Decision Making: SPC feedback offers a systematic approach to decision making based on reliable data. By providing operators and managers with real-time insights into process performance, SPC systems enable data-driven decision making for process adjustments, resource allocation, and strategic planning.

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Design & Engineering

Embed quality into product design and engineering to ensure component manufacturability and downstream production productivity.

Production Software

Ensure that design intent is maintained through the production cycle to improve productivity and continuously deliver high-quality components.

Metrology & Inspection

Capture real-world quality data for measurement, positioning and inspection, and use actionable information gained by analysing the results to improve manufacturing.