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One fluid, integrated optimisation workflow
MSC Apex Generative Design is the fully automated generative design solution built on an intuitive CAE environment. It exploits all the easy-to-use and easy-to-learn features of MSC Apex while employing an innovative generative design engine in the background. Thus, it dramatically decreases the effort required in the design optimisation workflow.

MSC Apex Generative Design is designed specifically to generate the detailed and highly complex structures that only additive processes can manufacture. It enables the free-flowing optimisation of ideas and feasible design possibilities. This is the fundamental principle behind truly new, innovative designs. These smart designs are driven by intelligent algorithms rather than the standard serial design procedure based on legacy designs.

Built for productivity and ease
A single derived design solution pales in comparison to the exploration of several designs that undergo the MSC Apex Generative Design funnel to identify the most promising one. The ability to explore design space in a time-efficient manner ensures that the design process does not become a bottleneck and thus allows our users to make decisions based on design criteria.

With MSC Apex Generative Design, the user needs only to define the objectives, criteria, and constraints within the design space the user wishes to explore. Based on the input, a variety of results can be generated in a short time. Criteria such as stress limit, weight target, aesthetics and manufacturability are assessed to determine the best option for the given requirements. This bridges the gap between design and manufacturing and overall reduces time-to-market.

Simulation driven design
MSC Apex Generative Design is a CAE tool perfectly adapted to Additive Manufacturing and allows users to create lightweight, optimized part designs with a highly automated workflow. Starting with  importing existing CAD geometry, and ending with exporting the new geometry as a CAD format that has been automatically optimized

What to expect:

  • powerful Generative Design algorithms
  • high speed optimization runs, generating first results in minutes
  • several different, feasible and valid design candidates
  • smooth, integrated workflow
  • new and innovative design approaches

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