Webinar on demand | Learn how aerospace manufacturers are taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence to develop the aircraft of tomorrow

The aerospace industry is facing unprecedented challenges with regulatory compliance, supply chain and sustainability pressures along with net-zero emission demands.

Hexagon's Artificial Intelligence solution (ODYSSEE) helps organisations to address these issues by enabling innovation through:

  • Shorten design cycle times by increasing the number of iterations
  • Increasing the numbers of iterations within the shrinking time to market
  • Leveraging existing IP embedded within your current CAE or other processes
  • Making the data within the Enterprise: social (accessible, usable, available to all)
  • Allowing decisions to be made On-Demand and
  • Greener Engineering design and Manufacture

They see the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a strategic component to address these concerns.

This illustration showcases the image-based learning methodology, that is available in our portfolio – it allows us to leverage part geometry as a learning input. Rather than using classical parameter like scalars, curves etc. one can use Odyssee to extract different features from an image (which contains a lot of information vs classical parameters). Benefit : we shorten design cycle time by a lot, since new design variants can just be fed to the predictive algorithm, and we directly know if its viable or not.

The example illustrating the above-mentioned principle. It is rather simple, as only a wing section is considered as input, and we associate to it the corresponding life & drag coefficients (here you see the learning phase where all data is compiled). On the top right-hand side, rather than going to the testing bench/lab every time you have a new design variant, you can make a prediction instead to validate your design variants. More data can be considered as input (in addition to the wing section), in order to account for wind turbulence, angle of attack, etc.


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