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Become a Hexagon Student Ambassador for CAE software and develop the skills you need to meet the challenges of tomorrow

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Hexagon’s Student Ambassador Programme empowers you to develop the skills you need to meet the challenges of tomorrow. As a Hexagon Student Ambassador for CAE software, you’ll get free access to world-class computer-aided engineering simulation software and associated training and mentorship to build your career. Gain project coordination and leadership skills by becoming the link between your university and Hexagon.

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How do you enter the high-expectation workplace when every opportunity requires prior skills, experience, and understanding? Hexagon helps you gain relevant experience and an advantage by providing opportunities to unlock your imagination and ideas for personal or school projects. Our leading portfolio of simulation software empowers engineers in various industries to solve complex challenges and are confident that you too will make an impact on the world using our software.

How can Hexagon help you in the future?
Industry-leading companies use Hexagon simulation software to solve their complex engineering challenges.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Boeing and Airbus use our multiphysics simulation software to certify new aircraft
  • General Electric and Honeywell use multiphysics simulation software to develop and certify new products
  • Honda, Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen use multibody dynamics software to design and optimise suspension systems and acoustic propagation for their vehicles
  • Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman Aeronautics use multiphysics simulation software for supersonic and hypersonic aircraft and weapons systems
  • Goldwin and The North Face use our CFD software to develop unique high-performance sportswear
  • Bose use acoustics simulation software to improve acoustic transfer functions
  • China Railway Design Corporation use multiphysics simulation software to improve sound attenuation prediction of high speed railway sound barrier

Hexagon simulation solutions give you an unmatched competitive advantage in the job market. The unique skills you obtain can open doors to the leading automotive, aerospace, machinery, electronics and Defence companies anywhere in the world.

We will provide you with access to our entire portfolio of products via Student Editions which include tools to help you learn the essence of simulation software.

Why apply for the Student Ambassador Programme?

  • Equip yourself with in-depth experience using our software before entering the workforce
  • Gain project coordination and leadership skills
  • Build a strong reputation within your university and Hexagon, and enlarge your professional network
  • Reinforce your personal brand by creating blog posts, YouTube videos, and social media publications about your experience as a Hexagon Student Ambassador for CAE software
  • Complement your theoretical studies with practical, hands-on design and analysis experience with our simulation software
  • Gain the experience and skills necessary to be instantly productive through online courses, including lecture slides, workshops, videos and tutorials
  • Put your simulation knowledge to use via paid projects available via our partner, MyTethys
  • Graduate with smaller debt by putting your expertise and knowledge to work even before you graduate by working with businesses in your field of studies
  • Prepare yourself for internship opportunities at Hexagon or at one of our clients

As Hexagon Student Ambassador for CAE you will:

  • Collaborate with Hexagon to survey students and promote our solutions at your university
  • Create a Hexagon CAE club at your university to help the most motivated students learn to use our software
  • Promote marketing materials such as brochures, testimonials, quotes, case studies and interviews
  • Positively promote Hexagon to your networks through social media or blog posts
  • Promote the Hexagon logo on any website or social media that you utilise
  • Provide feedback about your experience and usage of our CAE products
  • Engage with and share Hexagon content via social media

A Hexagon Student Ambassador’s testimonial:

It is incredible to be a college representative for a company that understands how critical it is to shape the current young talent and help them acquire skills and experiences needed to leverage them upon graduation. Through the Student Ambassador program, Hexagon and Georgia Tech will bring the next generation of students fully prepared into the professional world. Being a Hexagon Student Ambassador for CAE software links me to other students of vast backgrounds, multitudes of strengths, and the software products that will allow us to advance technologies in the engineering world. Being a Hexagon Student Ambassador is such an innovative way of bringing college students closer to the professional world.”
- Natacha Ramioulle, Hexagon Student Ambassador for CAE software at Georgia Tech

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    After a brief phone call to discuss your application, approved applicants will receive an email with instructions to access software. Don’t worry, the process will take no more than a few minutes of your time.

Eligibility for Ambassadors

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students

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