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Welcome to the all new, metal additive manufacturing solution for build preparation, process optimisation, and workflow automation.

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The challenges in additive manufacturing are diverse and complex – this begins during the selection of materials and extends to the recycling of components at the end of their service life. 

The HxGN Additive Manufacturing suite is a high-performance 3D Printing software solution that is machine independent and CAD agnostic, empowering operational excellence in manufacturing prototype or production parts across industries ranging from medical to aerospace and beyond.

Hexagon’s additive manufacturing solutions help companies around the world deliver components on time, on budget and on specification.

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Espen Matre, CTO at Additech

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Our suite of Additive Manufacturing solutions includes: 

  • CAD for manufacturing and design review
  • Powder bed fusion build preparation
  • Process simulation and optimisation
  • CAM for post-build CNC finishing
  • Automation and collaboration tools Powered by Nexus


The power of industry leading software solutions, combined

Streamline your production processes, enhance collaboration, ensure manufacturability and compliance, and embed quality into the design and preparation phase of manufacturing.

Replace time-consuming tests with simulation,  enable tryouts of more variants, improve machine productivity, reduce material and energy costs, and shorten time to market.

Translate product design into reality with easy-to-use software tools that guide you step-by-step through the 3D printing process, resulting in optimised resources, reduced training, and higher return on investment.

Revolutionise your manufacturing operations with true digital twin technology, artificial intelligence, next generation automation tools, and robust CAM programming to safely and efficiently drive all of your CNC machinery.

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Increase productivity and quality

Our unmatched software suite has the missing piece needed to unlock new heights of productivity and quality in your additive manufacturing operation.

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Every manufacturer knows the cost of errors in production, but with Hexagon software those errors will be an issue of the past.

Faster results, lower cost

Time is money and with the HxGN Additive Manufacturing suite, you can expect to be saving both.