Can I measure it? Video series

Choosing the ideal inspection solution isn’t only about ensuring you can meet your accuracy needs today, but adopting technologies that can grow with your business, adapt to your expanding application needs and drive productivity. 

In our video series, we will be answering the questions we hear time and time again, Can I measure it? Each episode will dive into topics such as measurement as a first time CMM user, how to measure finished or sensitive parts or even how to measure entire geometries of the most intricate parts.

Can I quickly measure large batches of dental implant components?

Find out how to automate the measuring process of dental implant components and achieve a significant production-level workflow automation by using pallets on an OPTIV 3.2.2 multisensor CMM.

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Can I measure electronic components unattended?

Find out how to improve productivity of initial sample inspections of complex connector assemblies in fully autonomous measurement cycles by using a multisensor CMM and automated part loading system.

Can I measure closer to production?

Learn how you can increase flexibility by moving your quality inspection from the lab to production.

Can I measure without being a quality expert?

Increasing product demand have you rethinking your manual inspection process? Find out how to easily move from a manual inspection to an automated process.

Can I capture high resolution data for large sheet metal components?

Learn how product designers can easily use scanning data to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of the methods used to create sheet metal components.

Can I measure a typical manufacturing fixture for setup? Part 1: Single-camera handheld measurement

Manually setting up a fixture for part alignment can be time extremely difficult and time consuming. But with handheld photogrammetry system, measurements are quickly collected and analysed to define the necessary adjustment parameters.

Can I measure a typical manufacturing fixture for setup? Part 2: Multi-camera dynamic measurement

A dynamic photogrammetry system with multiple installed cameras can make fixture setup even easier by creating a live picture of the setup process, allowing for adjustment to take place simultaneously with measurement.

Can I quickly capture accurate and complete inspection of a blade?

Traditional blade inspection can sometimes take as much time to inspect as it does to make. Find out how to obtain accurate and complete part inspection data of a blade in record time.

Can I quickly measure fuel cell bipolar plates?

Find out how to carry out high accurate sample inspections of the demanding flow field microstructure on bipolar plates using the advanced optical white light sensor technology on Hexagon’s Leitz Reference CMM.

Can I measure multiple material finishes or sensitive surfaces?

As technologies change and new materials are introduced into product designs, find out how you can remain competitive by adopting technologies that support the measurement of multiple material finishes with varying sensitivities.